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6 Video Editing Rules to Live by! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC How to / Tutorial)

6 Video Editing Rules to Live by! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC How to / Tutorial)

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In this video I will go over 6 video editing rules to live by and how they can help you as an editor no matter what project you are working on.


1. Master the Cut & Fade, they are the simple 2 transitions that will serve you best in 80% of cases. (0:20)

2. When it comes to text, simple clean and solid is hard to mess up. Titles can be a sticking point for a lot of people who don’t come from a design or typography background so as a rule of thumb keeping it simple and minimal will ensure things go smoothly. (1:46)

3. Less is more (what can you cut away?). Trendy effects can date your video, simplicity is timeless & lets the content shine through and not distract the viewer. This doesn’t always mean effects are bad, but making sure everything serves a cohesive purpose helps. (2:50)

4. Take a break and come back to your project with fresh eyes. Let it sit, and see if it ages like wine or milk. Play it through from the start and maybe get a second opinion. This will allow you to figure out those creative puzzles that get you stuck when it comes to editing and make a better overall project. (4:45)

5. Editing depends greatly on source material. It’s a relationship that goes hand in hand. Things like lighting are very important. Lighting is hard to fix in post production, etc. The better quality source material you have to start with, the better final edit you can put together in most cases. (6:55)

6. Once you know the rules, you can break them. Creativity is subjective, and perhaps you are working on a project that these rules don’t apply to. As long as you know WHY you are doing something, you can be more capable to flex and bend things around, however remember the foundational principles are the principles for a reason.


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