How to Create a Logo in Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud


Learn how to turn basic shapes into logos, icons, and illustrations using the Shape Builder tool.

Start from scratch, or download practice files for a head start: Steps below.

1. Choose the Rectangle tool, then click and drag to draw.
2. Choose the Direct Selection tool, and draw a marquee to select specific corners. Drag the corner rounding widgets to their maximums to create the owl’s body shape.
3. Switch to the Selection tool, then Option/Alt+drag to duplicate the shape.
4. With the copy selected, open the Transform panel (Window – Transform) and select Scale Corners, then Shift+drag a corner handle to scale, and drag to reposition it.
5. Choose the Ellipse tool and Shift+drag to draw circles for the eye.
6. Use the Selection tool and Shift+click to select the circles and smaller teardrop shape, then Option/Alt+drag to duplicate them all at once.
7. With objects still selected, go to Object – Transform – Reflect (Vertical) to create the other half of the owl’s face. Scale up the innermost circle of the right eye.
8. Shift+click to select the eye shapes as shown, then choose the Shape Builder tool. Hold Option/Alt, then drag through shapes to subtract and create a crescent.
9. Use the Ellipse tool to draw one more circle over the owl’s body. Choose the Shape Builder tool. Hold Control/Command and click to drag across the area where the body and circle intersect, then Option/Alt+drag over the excess circle to subtract it.
10. Choose the Selection tool and Shift+click to select all the shapes you’d like to be black, then swap the stroke and fill using the arrow icon near the swatches in the Tools panel. (Optional: set the Stroke color to none.)
11. Click the owl’s wing to select it, then go to the Swatches panel to add a pop of color.



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