How To Make Lady Gaga Judas Makeup – A Phlearn Video Tutorial


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In today’s tutorial we take Lady Gaga’s make from Judas as a template to add into the photograph. Using photoshop we can easily add any type of thick eye liner and eye shadow, as well as use the same techniques when applying other make-up (lipstick, blush, etc.)

First, we begin with an image of Gaga that is stripped of the make-up itself (episode of that to come in the future). Now, using a blank canvas we find an image for reference, or you could even begin drawing your own eye liner. Then we move the layer onto a new canvas and begin modifying it to scale correctly and look more realistic. We can do this by scaling and adding edge modifications. After the make-up is added back into the picture we can then use blending modes to adjust accordingly and make a few more slight tweaks with that transform tool. It’s an effect that is both useful and simple to imply in many situations. .


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