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How To Use A Fill Light – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

How To Use A Fill Light – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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Using Main and Fill Light

In this episode we cover what’s called “clamshell lighting,” with a beauty dish as our main light and softbox as fill. We go over the power levels of each and how they can best be used together.

All the Info

0:20 News and Updates
1:35- Using a main/key light and issues
2:35- Why a fill light will help, why it shouldn’t be as strong as fill
2:45- Our light setup with softbox
3:20- How the light will affect the shadows
3:55- Measuring ratio using the light meter
4:35- Metering for the main light
5:45- Turning up the fill light to full power and showing example
07:15- Lowering the light to half power
08:18- Explanation of a stop
09:20- Using ratio with the light, not in camera
10:10 Using the 3:1 ratio
11:48- Putting this ratio into practice
Why Fill Should be Based off the Main Light

Your key or main light is the primary source of light in the image. The fill is simply used to add detail back into your shadows, and if you add to much or too little it can throw off the look of the photo. Using a 3:1 ratio will help you bracket so that you have an image showing detail in every area. .

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