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My Top 10 Favorite Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC! (Editing Tutorial – How To)

My Top 10 Favorite Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC! (Editing Tutorial – How To)

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In this video I will be listing and demonstrating my top 10 favorite video effects available in Adobe Premiere Pro. These aren’t in a super strict order, however I’ve tried to rank them from functional to most fun. These are the ones I’m always reaching for

10. Warp Stabilizer (1:28) – Great for stabilizing slightly shaky footage in post for a smooth result. Doesn’t work miracles on every clip, but smoothes out clips that are suitable. Be careful to avoid turning your clips to jelly by forcing too much stabilization on a clip that isn’t suitable. (https://youtu.be/_ta3-imPXTc)

9. Gaussian Blur (2:18) – Staple effect, you can pull focus, blend and blur things together, animate, fade and transition etc… (https://youtu.be/AaO0D66xeYY)

8. Crop (3:12) – Crop things out of the picture, or crop into certain things. Must have effect for creating many different types of compositions. (https://youtu.be/h553RFrWL2w)

7. Invert (4:20) – Not only can you get creative with color and channel inverstions, you can get functional with finding opposites and fixing certain color and blending issues. It’s all math and color theory. (https://youtu.be/UisUjXvDPeY)

6. Tint (5:35) – It’s like the gradient map tool found in Photoshop, great for adding color, or mapping shadows and highlights. (https://youtu.be/hvVcOgGe9Js)

5. Ultra Key (6:38) – Green screen, selective color adjustments, etc. Keying is crucial to have in the toolbox. (https://youtu.be/jFttk8kIAbs)

4. Luma Key (see Gradient Wipe as well) (7:35) – Similar to color keying, however it goes off brightness and darkness instead. Useful in many cases. (https://youtu.be/MrXu_Plq0Sc)

3. Echo (8:45) – What a fun effect that blends clips together at different time delays. Can look very cool on moving people and especially on tripod shots with moving subjects for some very trippy movements. (https://youtu.be/Z4EYuUDIgj0)

2. Strobe Light (10:40) – The creative possibilities are plenty with this effect. It’s like having your very own customizable strobe machine inside your video project. You can stack this on top of itself and other effects as well. (https://youtu.be/uhl8KDjDLl4)

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