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4 Luminar EXCLUSIVE Effects Photoshop Can’t Create!

Get Luminar 2018 for the Lowest Price Ever! (Valid for a very limited time) ONLY FROM: After the SALE, You Can Use the Code: PIXIMPERFECT to get 10% off! NOTE: Coupon codes are not active during Flash Sales. Explore 4 AMAZING Effects than Luminar 2018 Can Create Which Photoshop or Lightroom Can't! In this video, we will attempt to mimic the effects and features of Luminar just by using Photoshop and Lightroom and see whether we can achieve similar results. In this video, we will also go over the basics of Luminar 2018, and how can you use it to make your images more impactful. Hope this video helps you make a decision. Thank you so much for watching 🙂 ► SHARE: ►LET'S CONNECT: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+:

Apply Wallpaper to Walls in Photoshop

View the full post at ! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: For more tutorials and how to videos check out our extensive Photoshop and photography video channel: We cover everything from Photoshop tutorials, photography tutorials, how to videos and more!

Character Animation in AfterEffects – Tips&Tricks Chapter 3

A lot of you guys have been asking question about how I animate character so I thought to put together a serie of 5/6 tutorials to show my workflow. There are so many things to say that I am really not sure these tutorial will be exhaustive, but I hope you will find them useful to develop your own process.

Rotoscoping | After Effects CC Tutorial

Hey fellows! Hope you are all doing well! Today we are gonna kick in another awesome effect. Today we'll be separating objects from each other using the roto-brush tool. Super cool stuff! Thx 4 Watching! Don't forget to Subscribe for more content like this! Comment your video requests down below. C U in the next one so stay tuned. I'm uploading constantly so make sure you don't miss anything. 😀 Social Links: Facebook: Twitter: Veikko PC Production

Justice League Flash Running After Effects Tutorial! | Film Learnin

Today we recreate the Flash Running Effect from Justice League in Adobe After Effects! Download link: FRIKANIH FX: SUPPORT US ON PATREON: Scored by Filmstro: 20% Annual subscriptions code: MAHGAWD_ANN SUBSCRIBE HERE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: Submit your own Film Learnin Sign off by recording yourself: Saying your name or channel - then following it up with "And until next time, keep learnin" Upload to youtube and send the link to


How to Make a Repeatable Pattern in Photoshop

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching Phlearn! If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a thing! Subscribe: For more advanced Photoshop Tutorials be sure to check out our Phlearn PRO Tutorials. We offer the best Photoshop tutorials available starting at just $24.99. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock Images provided by:

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How to manage your digital photos | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to manage your digital photos. More Lightroom tutorials on Learn how to take great photos and make them even better. Preview world-class photography classes from CreativeLive: Subscribe: LET’S CONNECT Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world's best creative apps so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices.

[HD] Photoshop Tutorial: Add and Remove Tattoos

Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- For many photography projects removing tattoos is a must have skin, and for some fun projects knowing how to add a tattoo and knowing how to make it follow the flow of the persons skill is pretty cool. We will talk about using the healing brush in tough spots, how displacement maps allow us to make realistic changes to photographs, as well as using multiple blend modes to make a realistic tattoo on this brides back. Enjoy! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @

After Effects Tutorial – Stardust 3D Landscape

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a 3D lanscape using After Effects and the Stardust plugin. Stardust Download: Website: Level: Advanced Content - Creating an 3D object using the Object node - Deform node - Creating maps to deform 3D meshes - Applying textures to 3D objects - Adding 3D particles to 3D surface using Field node - Coloring 3D particles using Field node - Adding realistic shadows - Animate deformation

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Behind the Scenes: Powder Galaxy Pro Tutorial

Let's create something awesome! The subject for this image was photographed on a black background, all of the stars were added in post. Included in this tutorial are 9 high resolution images of starry skies that you will use to create your own galaxy. This tutorial includes a ton of information on using blending modes and layer masks as well as building effects on one another! Don't forget to share, and subscribe to our youtube channel. Full description on this video: Phlearn Accounts Website: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: For more tutorials and how to videos check out our extensive Photoshop and photography video channel: We cover everything from Photoshop tutorials, photography tutorials, how to videos and more!

How to Create an Animated Envelope in After Effects - Download the FREE project file to follow along with this video tutorial, where you will learn how to create an animated envelope in After Effects. MUSIC: "We're Taking Off" by Vincent Tone: MORE TIPS, TRICKS, AND TUTORIALS: PremiumBeat Blog - More from Evan Abrams - FOLLOW PREMIUMBEAT: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

3D Text Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – No Third Party Plugin

Here comes another After Effects Tutorial, This time we are creating a nice looking 3D Text, without using any third party Plugins, All built inside the After Effects. We are also covering, How to make the 3D text in After Effects, as well as how to make bounce text animation in after effects. So have a look, and create yourself some amazing Text. As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this. Every single Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don't forget to leave a Like.. 🙂 ------------------------------------------------- Download Font: Script: (Thanks to bijo .buster ) ------------------------------------------------- Join me on social networks. Twitter: YouTube Channel: Facebook: My Official Website: Support Me on Patreon: ---------------------------------------------------- For Business Enquiry, Email me: [NO FREE INTROS PLEASE] ---------------------------------------------------- Background Music: ---------------------------------------------------- Watch my other useful tutorials • Quick Flash Logo Animation: • Social Media Lower Third: • Glitch Logo Animation: • Audio Visualizer in After Effects: • Liquid Logo Animation in After Effects: • Elegant Logo Reflection in After Effects: • Cinematic Logo Reveal in After Effects: • Stroke Text Animation: • Vintage Logo Intro in After Effects: • Cinematic Film Intro in After Effects: • Elegant Color Transition in After Effects: • Page Folding Logo Animation in After Effects: • How to Render in After Effects: • Metallic Logo Animation in After Effects: • Kinetic Typography in After Effects: • How To Make Lower Third in After Effects: • Class Logo Animation in After Effects: • Flip Text Animation in After Effects: • Shine Logo Animation in After Effects: • Wipe Text Animation in After Effects: • Transformation Logo Animation in After Effects: • Sliced Logo Animation in After Effects: • Text Animation Presets in After Effects: • Spark Logo Animation in After Effects: • Inside Text Animation in After Effects: • How to Add Sound Effects in Videos: • Neon Text Animation in After Effects: • How to Make Logo in Photoshop (For Beginners): • Make Free YouTube Intro in 2 Minutes - Without any Software: • Reveal Text Animation in After Effects: • 50 Free Optical Flares: • Smooth Text Animation in After Effects: • 15 Free After Effects Color Grading Filters: • Colorful Logo Animation: • How to Make Long Shadow in After Effects (Easy Method): • How to Make 3D Text in After Effects (No Third party plugin): • How to Make YouTube Channel Intro (Free): • Light Leaks Tutorial - Adobe After Effects: ----------------------------------------------------- Thanks for Watching.

#PSin30 – Layers Panel Hotkey Tips Photoshop CC

Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check out the site for more! INSTAGRAM & MORE: DESCRIPTION: The first #PSin30 of the new month! This Photoshop tip is about hotkeys which will allow you to navigate and move layers around the layers panel just with this hotkey. Check it out here!

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Behind the Scenes: Fashion & Dogs

A look Inside Our Canine Inspired Fashion Shoot: A salon recently contacted us with a great concept for a series of images. The salon owner wanted to enter her team of stylist in a hair styling competition and had the great idea to theme the styles off various breeds of dogs. And we that concept was just too cool to pass up. We wanted to show off our models and fury friends in extravagant locations. We had originally planned to shoot the series at different locations across Chicago, but after thinking about it we decided it was best to shoot in studio and composite the subjects into their backgrounds. Not only was it logistically easier, it also allowed us to "travel the globe" for our background images. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: For more tutorials and how to videos check out our extensive Photoshop and photography video channel: We cover everything from Photoshop tutorials, photography tutorials, how to videos and more!

FAST! 30 Photoshop CC Tools & Features in 30 Minutes (or so)

These are 30 of the tools and features in Photoshop that I think are the most important! In this Photoshop CC tutorial, we’ll cover everything from how to use the Pen Tool in Photoshop and how you can learn to use Curves to Masking, Retouching Skin, and even playing with the newer Select and Mask functionality. There is so much that is covered in this video and I also go off script quite a bit and dabble with features that aren’t even included in the description of video guide (located in the comments section.) I created this tutorial as more of a beginner level overview of these tools and functions of Photoshop, but my hope is that there is something here for Photoshop users of all skill levels. Enjoy! List of tools covered: 00:55 Color Balance 01:48 Masking 02:44 Quick Selection Tool 04:03 Quick Mask Tool 05:03 Content-Aware Fill 05:31 Clone Stamp Tool 07:05 The Patch Tool 08:07 How to use Levels 09:12 The Pen Tool 10:31 Flames Filter 15:03 The Type Tool 15:41 TypeKit Fonts 17:42 Using & Working with Guides 18:38 Smart Objects 19:35 Field Blur 21:41 How to use Curves 23:20 The Eyedropper Tool 24:58 Import Color Themes with Adobe Color 25:49 BONUS: Gradient Maps 26:27 How to Create an Action 28:38 The Crop Tool 30:36 Colorize Live Shapes 31:23 Convert Objects to 3D/Working with 3D 34:24 Custom Workspaces 35:57 The Camera RAW Filter 37:18 Exporting Images and Graphics 38:46 BONUS: Changing the UI Background Color 39:29 Color Range 40:55 Select and Mask 45:38 Liquify 47:36 The Healing Brush 49:28 The Rotate View Tool Written Photoshop tutorial: Pick up my image retouching tutorial package ($27) right here: SNAPCHAT & MORE: ?

Doctor Strange Portal – After Effects Tutorial

In this tutorial Adrian will demonstrate to create and composite the sparky portal from Doctor Strange. Be our friend on Facebook. Instagram. Feel free to contact Adrian on Twitter.

Rick And Morty Portal Effect – After Effects Tutorial

Wubba lubba dub dub! Learn how to make this cool effect from Rick and Morty using some of's free FX and some simple tricks in Adobe After Effects!