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Illustrator Tutorial 3D Logo Design People

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How to Correct Overexposure in Lightroom

How to Correct Over Exposed Images in Lightroom Learn how to create multiple versions of the same image and combine them together to form an HDR Photo in Lightroom! 16-bit RAW Images in Lightroom In order to achieve this effect, be sure to use 16-bit RAW images in Lightroom. 8-bit JPEGs don't have enough information stored in the file to accurately change exposure and make up for missing information. Create Virtual Copies and Merge to HDR Start by creating a virtual copy of your image, then adjust the exposure slider down until the over-exposed areas become properly exposed. At this point the rest of the image may be too dark, but don't worry about the dark areas - this image is only used for the highlight information. Next shift-click on both the original image and the virtual copy the right-click and go to Photo Merge - HDR... Lightroom will treat both of these images as separate photos and merge the exposures together to retina information from the highlights, mid-tones and shadows. This way you can create an HDR Photo from one source image and pull information from over-exposed areas!

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Tutorial | Planning Is Key

Want all of our free Adobe Dreamweaver CC training videos? Download our free iOS app at More details on this Advanced SolidWorks 2013 training can be seen at This clip is one example from the complete course. For more free Adobe tutorials please visit our main website. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Illustrator Tutorial | Logo Design Gradient Style

In this Illustrator tutorial you will learnt to create a 3d logo design having a nice feel of glossy material Facebook: Instagram : @arunzcreation

How to Add Motion Blur to Backgrounds in Photoshop

Our #1 PRO Tutorial ever is now on Sale! How to Add Motion Blur to Backgrounds in Photoshop Add depth and movement to photos by adding motion blur to backgrounds. This simple technique will make action and sports photos more dynamic. Remove the Subject From the Background When adding motion blur to a photo, it is important to blur only the background. The subject should stay un-blurred to make them stand out from the background. In order to blur the background and not the subject, the two elements must be separated first. The easiest way to separate the subject and background is to remove the subject from the background. Create a duplicate of the background layer and use the Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove the subject. Be sure that “Sample All Layers” and “Content Aware” are checked on the top of the screen. Paint over the subject and the tool will fill them in with information from the background. This doesn’t have to be perfect, after all, you will be applying a blur to the background. The main goal is to make sure the subject is not blurred with the background. Add Motion Blur to the Background After removing the subject from the background, turn the duplicate layer into a smart object by right-clicking on the layer and going to “Convert to Smart Object”. With a Smart Object you can use Smart Filters, and when adding a blur of any kind, it is best to be done as a smart filter. Smart Filters can be changed at any time, making them more versatile and less destructive. It is time to add the blur to the smart object. The type of blur will change depending on the motion of the photo. In this case, we use a simple “Left-to-Right” Motion Blur because the subject is moving horizontally across the image. If the subject in your photo is moving towards or away from the camera, choose a Path Blur and create paths in the direction of the movement. Reveal the Subject After applying a Motion Blur or Path Blur to the background, it is time to reveal the original subject. Lower the opacity of the layer to about 80% and add a layer mask to the blurred Smart Object. Paint black on the layer mask over the original subject to reveal them through the Smart Object Layer. Take your time to create an accurate selection around the subject. After completing the layer mask, change the Smart Object layer opacity to 100% and you are done! To change the amount of blur on the background, double click on the Blur Smart Filter, and adjust the blur amount. The layer mask will stay intact, revealing the subject and provide an instant preview of the background blur with a still subject. VISIT PHLEARN.COM FOR MORE FREE TUTORIALS SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE FREE TIPS AND TRICKS GET FREE TUTORIALS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL + DISCOUNTS ON OUR PRO TUTORIALS! LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Google+ ►


How to Create a Website with Adobe Muse CC (4/5) | Adobe Creative Cloud

In this five-part series we'll show you how to build a website without writing any code using Adobe Muse CC. Subscribe: LET’S CONNECT Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world's best creative apps so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials for beginners | Export your completed video

Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials for beginners, Export your completed video Choose from an array of standard video formats, select the image to represent your video, and easily publish to Vimeo, YouTube, and more. You can also use the Adobe Media Encoder queue, which lets you continue to work in Premiere Pro as your video encodes in the background. #Adobe #GraphicDesign #Tutorial

Realistic NEON Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create a realistic neon text effect. In this Photoshop tutorial we will be focusing on. Adding a brick wall background. Then darkening it up to make it look as if it was night. Then applying a neon font. Creating a neon glow to the font. Then we'll be working with blending options to bring out the glow. We will also create a cord to give it a more realistic look and feel. ---------------------------- DOWNLOADS FOR THIS TUTORIAL ---------------------------- Hi, subscribe & stay updated with the latest Photoshop tutorials. Subscribe here: Our social network. Stay updated! Google+: Facebook: Audio Provided By:

The BEST way to make a TIME-LAPSE!

Whats up guys! Snowed in here so I wanted to take some time to teach how I make time-lapses. This tutorial goes over what you need and the workflow and process of getting the BEST quality time-lapses for your videos! NEW! Lightroom PRESET PACK: - Edit your photos with 15 brand new presets! $19 Time-lapse Remote : Like, Comment & Subscribe to stay updated with the latest content! VLOGS & TUTORIALS uploaded frequently! My MAIN Camera - My FAVOURITE Lens Ever - The Magic Canon Lens of Life - The Mic I use - My Drone - GoPro HERO 5 - Follow Me: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website:

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Adaptive Design Tools in InDesign CS6

Use Adaptive Design tools in Adobe InDesign to create layouts that can be easily adapted to any size.

Create custom transitions in After Effects | Build graphic transitions with Shape layers

Create custom transitions in After Effects, Build graphic transitions with Shape layers, Build animated graphics using Shape layers, Learn how to create custom transitions in After Effects. Learn more : #Adobe #GraphicDesign #Tutorial

Save your butt and save projects in the cloud

Premiere Pro has always had the ability to Auto-Save projects locally but now you can also save projects directly to Creative Cloud and guarantee you'll never loose your most important work. Download your FREE 30 day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud

Tutorial – Creating Glowing Text effects with InDesign CS5

Want all of our free Adobe InDesign videos? Download our free iPad app at . Create glowing text in Adobe InDesign. This beginners tutorial is easy to follow and forms part of a 10 hour training course on Adobe InDesign which covers adding text effects YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Website:

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After Effects Tutorial – Advanced Cinematic Gunshot

Store: Support us on Patreon (+Rewards): Twitter: Facebook: The of the most famous after effects visual effects and yet not so easy to pull it off and make it look professional and cinematic. In this after effects muzzle flash tutorial we will take an in depth look at the visuals but also the gun sound design that goes with it to enhance the impact and further carry the viewer's perception. Fire up after effects and lets get started! Gun Sound Design Tutorial: Free High quality gun sounds: Propject and Render settings: Equipment used: - Canon 70D (no magic lantern use) - 50mm 1.8 STM - After Effects CC - Black screen - Limo Studios starter light kit (amazon) - ASG Heavy weight spring Clock - Police Handcufs Song used for VFX Preview: Hitman by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Path Point Controls in Adobe Illustrator

Controlling when and how path points join is essential when working with Adobe Illustrator. It's also very useful to recognize when points aren't joined and how to fix them. Download your FREE 30 day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud

After Effects – Element 3D V2 Tutorial (Easiest Way!) !!!

Adobe After Effects Tutorial. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a cool RING Animation using Element 3D V2 from video copilot... please like and subscribe my channel !!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you guys enjoy it,,,,, MODELS DOWNLOAD LINK -----!uBATXTTA!o73Y0o5HRLp8IDQAl0Mp7CiqRWx08H5a2srus1WtHD0 Follow me on-- Facebook - Instagram -

Grainy Film Effect in Photoshop CC

Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Download RAW files and view the tutorial on INSTAGRAM & MORE: DESCRIPTION: In this tutorial you can download the RAW file and follow along and use a series of Adjustment Layers in Photoshop CC to create a beautiful film photo effect. We'll talk about getting the tone just right, some skin healing, and all the color grading and adjusting that you will need to create a film effect that will be incredibly adjustable and non-destructive and also be a little different for every image that you apply it to.