Realistic Motion Blur to Create a Speeding Car Effect in Photoshop


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One of the more difficult tasks in Photoshop has long been to make a car look like it is moving at a significant rate of speed. There are some third party applications that are typically used to get a really great look (and they do a pretty awesome job,) but with the addition of the Path and Spin blurs to Photoshop back in Photoshop CC 2014 we can now fairly effectively create a great speeding car effect in Photoshop. In this tutorial I’m going to cover how to work with the Path Blur and masking to create a blur that follows the road and is super intense very close to the camera position, but virtually nonexistent for the clouds in the sky and other far-away objects. There is so much to check out in this tutorial, you’re going to love it!

01:43 Resize the car a little
04:14 Stretching the image a little bit
05:00 Blurring the background
14:12 Spinning the car wheels
16:32 This is why Smart Objects are better
16:59 Blurring the sky/windows
17:49 Streaking car effect