SAVE TIME with this easy GLITCH METHOD!!

Whoop whoop! Find these awesome, pre-matted glitches here - These glitch effects are easy to use with this Premiere tutorial's quick technique for distortion. Great for commercials, music videos, and promos! FOLLOW US

Customize Your Branding Colors in Premiere!

Create your own color palette on pre-rendered assets with this nifty trick. Join Dylan as he shows us how to give ProductionCrate assets your own unique style! Find the transitions here : FOLLOW US Learn to customize your motion graphics/motion design assets. Download royalty free, prekeyed mograph FX and start today!

⭐ Star Lord’s Guns ⭐ After Effects Tutorial ft ZonZonZonbi

Check out how we built Star-Lord's gun VFX elements! Collaboration with @ZonZonZonbi FOLLOW US

⭐ Star Lord’s Jetpack ⭐ After Effects Tutorial ft ZonZonZonbi

Find the assets at Use this tutorial for your superhero takeoff! This effect can be used with super-man, Iron-Man, and a ton of other heroes. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Zonbi - wither her insanely talented cosplay skills to build out the VFX for Guardians of the Galaxy's very own Star Lord! FOLLOW US

⭐ Star Lord’s Helmet ⭐ After Effects Tutorial ft ZonZonZonbi

Face tracking, helmet animation and rad cosplay! Check out our Adobe After Effects tutorial showing you how to create the Star Lord's iconic helmet animation, (from Guardians of the Galaxy) featuring ZonZonZonbi FOLLOW US

? Realistic Fire on People ? After Effects Tutorial

Finally! Light your friends, enemies, and anyone else on fire (in post production!) We show you tips and tricks for realistic fire compositing using stock footage fire assets. This visual effects tutorial is lit. Find those assets here - FOLLOW US We wanted to show you how to light hands, body, and everything else on fire. These fire/flame assets from make these VFX a lot easier to composite! If you turn someone on fire, send us a link, we'd love to see your work!

Star Wars Hologram – After Effects Tutorial

Just in time for Star Wars, the Last Jedi! Adrian created this AE tutorial using VFX from and a lot of plugins that come with After Effects. FOLLOW US Give your stormtroopers the ability to see their Sith Lord's command in your film with these nifty tips and tricks!

Create Beautiful Cinemagraphs in After Effects

Learn to create seamless looping cinemagraphs inside of Adobe AE! Find the sorcery FX here - Find the Looping Fire FX here - FOLLOW US

? Create the Marvel Studios Intro in After Effects and Element3D

Use Element3d and After Effects to create the Marvel Title intro in 3d! This is the ultimate tutorial for comic lovers looking to create their own awesome intro. FOLLOW US