✈ Improve your Drone/Aerial Edits! ✈

Find the Wind & Whoosh SFX Here - Find the Ambient SFX Here - Dylan shows you how to improve your drone/aerial footage into a much more cinematic and professional edit! FOLLOW US

You Need Better Audio NOW (Premiere Tutorial)

Stop making bad audio decisions, they are ruining the rest of your hard work! Auto-ducking, correct levels, noise removal and more will help you go from noob to Pro! FOLLOW US auto ducking is a new feature in the essential sounds panel in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018, these noise-reduction and removal tricks, ducking, and more will guide to to becoming a better overall video editor!

Create a Dusty Wasteland OR a Snowy Scene in After Effects

Download Snowy Assets Here: Today David shows us how to transform a boring shot into a dusty wasteland, and then how to easily convert that into a frigid snowy scene! FOLLOW US

Making ?FIRE? In Particular with FREE Stock Footage

Download Free Fire Effects Here: Today we're going to make fire using Trapcode Particular, but good! FOLLOW US

Implode a ?PLANET? in After Effects

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened." NASA'S Site: PLANET KILLER FX: FOLLOW US

?️ Make a Rainy Day in After Effects ?️

Today's a bit of a gloomy one, here's how to add rain in After Effects. Download the rain stock footage here: FOLLOW US

Composite Waterfalls and Build a Lake in AE

Waterfall FX - Rain FX - FOLLOW US David teaches us how to composite waterfalls and build a lake in After Effects. Download our royalty free, prekeyed stock footage and VFX from

Doctor Strange Infinity Arms in After Effects

Today we're recreating some of Doctor Strange's Magic from Infinity War! Magic and Power effects can be found here: FOLLOW US

Infinity Stone After Effects Tutorial

Download the song Dark Reveal here: Download Magic FX here: The Complete Episode Guide - FOLLOW US #SaturdayMorningTutorials