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Glitch Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Editing Effect

Glitch Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Editing Effect

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Something different then my regular photoshop effects. i am actually not sure if you

guys gonna like it or not. So give it a shot and tell me your thoughts.
its pretty simple effect and can be done under 15 minutes and also works on almost any type of photograph. you will mostly need it to use on holograms or something futuristic.

and also i have use a lot of filters for this effect so not annoying steps, most of it is simple clicks and no crazy work. only in one part during this entire effect i have use masking and that to fed effect better (simple erasing you know) nothing else.

even for color correction in this photoshop tutorial we will use one single adjustment layer and that is curves nothing else. so even though we will go through a lot of steps, most of them should be easy to follow.

so if you have any questions of suggestions, feel free to ask me in comments below 😉


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