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How to Create a Levitation Effect in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Create a Levitation Effect in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to make your subject look like it’s floating in the scene.

Start from scratch, or download practice files (https://adobe.ly/2skskAq) for a head start.

Prep your project:
For this effect, you’ll need two photos: One of an empty scene and one of the same scene with a person posed on a stool or a chair.
1. Set up your camera on a tripod or other stable surface. It’s helpful to photograph the scene using Manual mode on your camera so that settings like exposure and white balance stay consistent between both photos.
2. Take a photo with a person posed within the scene.
3. Remove the model and any other props from the scene and take another photo. Try not to move your camera at all to keep the masking process simple.

Create the levitation effect in Photoshop:
1. Open “Photo 1, empty scene.jpg” in Photoshop.
2. Open “Photo 2, scene with model.jpg”. To add it to the empty scene document, Select All, Copy, make the empty scene document active, and Paste. Or, simply drag and drop the image file into the open “Photo 1, empty scene” document.
3. Click the “Photo 2, scene with model.jpg” layer to select it.
4. Click Add layer mask from the Layers panel.
5. Select the Brush Tool from the toolbar.
6. Click the double arrow to set the foreground color to black in the toolbar.
7. Click the white mask icon on the model layer. Paint over the legs of the stool to reveal the empty scene layer below. Adjust the brush size and hardness as needed.
Tip: Use the Zoom tool (magnifying glass) from the toolbar and click on the stool to zoom in on it.

That’s it!

Photography by Martin Hoang [https://www.behance.net/martinhoangdesign]

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