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How to Create an Epic Flowing Red Dress Effect in Photoshop CC

How to Create an Epic Flowing Red Dress Effect in Photoshop CC

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a look at creating the big, long, flowing dress effect. I’ll walk you through how I shot the photos to get to what we need in Photoshop to make this effect work. If you want to create the flowing gown/dress effect in Photoshop, this is the tutorial for you! We’ll cover how to shoot the photos, working with adjustment layers, Color Range, Liquify, Smart Objects, Transforming the Dress parts, Blending the Dress Together, Dodging & Burning, Sharpening, Color Grading, Custom Shadows, How to Use Select and Mask, and so much more!

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01:06 Start in Photoshop + How to Shoot the Photos
03:29 Creating Selection Around the Subject
07:13 Add some Ambient Color/Tone Changes with Curves
09:02 Building the Flowing-ness of the Dress
11:12 Fixing an Embarrassing Mistake
14:41 Liquify to Adjust the Flowing Pieces of Dress
15:39 Blending the Dress Together
18:26 Transform and Blend the Second Piece of Dress
21:21 Transforming and Blending the Thirds Piece of Dress
22:10 Using a Mask Technique to Cut Out Pieces of Dress
27:00 Speeding Through the Process
27:45 Adding Shadow Beneath the Subject
31:36 Adding More Shadow and Contrast to Blend Dress Into Scene
36:01 Darkening Left and Right of Dress to Draw the Eye Inward
36:56 Dodging and Burning
39:40 Building Overall Scene Depth with Gradients
41:28 Global Sharpening and Midtone Punch with 3-Level High Pass Sharpening
43:43 Tones and Finishing the Color Grading

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