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How to Film Cinematic Video Outdoors – Cinematography Tutorial

How to Film Cinematic Video Outdoors – Cinematography Tutorial

Are you curious on how you can shoot better video outdoors with natural light, without having to purchase expensive gear? In this cinematography tutorial, I will show how I shoot my outdoor scenes using only natural light. This tutorial breaks down my thought process and how I direct and use the tools I have to craft a cinematic image.

Don’t be obsessed with filmmaking gear. It’s all about how you use what you have. Shooting cinematic video has never been easier than before. Focus on the positioning of your subject and understand where your light sources are at.

Using the sun as a great natural light source will allow you to create a variety of moods. If you shoot in the shade, you will have a lot of control over the contrast and your subject will retain great detail. Shooting near the sun will allow you to use it as a silhouette. During twilight, expose for the greatest amount of detail in the frame.

Shooting cinematic video outdoors has never been easier before. Remember that exposure, positioning, and knowing where the light is at, will all help you to producing a beautiful cinematic image!

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