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HOW TO RETOUCH Pt. 11: Lens Flare & Digital Re-Lighting – Photoshop Tutorial

HOW TO RETOUCH Pt. 11: Lens Flare & Digital Re-Lighting – Photoshop Tutorial

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We’re almost finished! It’s part 11 of 12 in this retouching tutorial series and I want to take some time to talk about how I create color haze and lens flares to practically re-light an image digitally and just how it can change the overall look of your image. We already did our color grading so this probably wouldn’t be something I would do to this image if it was for a client, but it’s a great technique that can be very helpful to have and use in your own images.

01:18 Creating First Part of the Lens Flare
02:08 Colorizing the Lens Flare
03:02 Resizing the Lens Flare
03:25 Blend Modes for blending
03:44 Reducing Fill/Opacity Settings
04:21 Scaling the Whole Lens Flare
05:50 Reducing File Size by Cutting the Lens Flare
07:46 Ending Thoughts

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