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Learn with Phlearn in the Bahamas! (5 spots left)

Learn with Phlearn in the Bahamas!  (5 spots left)

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This class is designed for the beginner photographer looking to enter the world of compositing and conceptual photography. A successful composite image requires a strong concept, solid lighting and posing fundamentals, and quality Photoshop skills. Based off the workflow of one of the best-known conceptual photographers, this class will teach you the essential skills to create your own composite images.

You’ll learn all the different aspects of creating a successful composite image through hands on learning and walk away with the ability to apply those skills to any future photo shoot.This class is going to cover a lot! That’s why the whole Phlearn team is coming! You will have seven instructors working hard to bring you an amazing workshop, that’s one Phlearn team member for every two students!

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