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Make the Perfect Head Swap in Photoshop

Make the Perfect Head Swap in Photoshop

The Complete Guide to Swapping Heads or Faces in Photoshop! Learn in-depth techniques to match the skin tone, the lighting, and the position to get the head match with the body.

02:30 The Placement
15:39 Matching Brightness
21:14 Matching Color
24:09 Dodging and Burning
31:22 Finishing Touch
34:36 Summary

We’ll start by the extensive use of Layers and Masks to make the right placement of the head in the new body. Using the Clone Stamp tool to erase the previous head to avoid distractions.

Then, we will match the luminosity or the brightness of both the elements using the power of Curves and Check Layers. This will be followed by matching the color using the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and the Color Blend Mode.

We’ll take advantage of dodging and burning to perfect the lighting. In the edit, we will add some special effects and filters to make the head and the body one. For both the elements to match having a similar skin tone, similar lighting, and similar if not the same angle is extremely essential.

Hope this tutorial helps you. Thank you for watching 🙂

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