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Plasma Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects

Plasma Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects

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Some lightning in this tutorial 😀 nikola tesla might be happy, who knows. This is kind of intermediate photoshop tutorial. So, beginners pay attention !!!

And the best thing ? no need to download extra brushes, you can do it all in inside photoshop. First we will use curves as adjustment layers to change the lighting.

Then we will use clouds layers to create lightning and then some lens flares for glow. Then adjustment layer to change contrast in orb and then the lighting rays.

To get that lighting effect in photoshop we will use gradient, yes you can use gradient to make that type of effect, you just have to use some effects that most of people normally don’t.

Then couple of adjustment layers to match colors of the model and glowing orb. in the end i will also show you trick to change color of your rays just so that you don’t have to settle for one single color.

Its little longer video but watch till the end, once your learn this photoshop effect you can do it under 15 minutes or so. its worth it.

and like all the time, if you have any questions feel free to ask me comments below 🙂


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