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Quick Tutorials: Awesome Picture Slideshow Presentation in After Effects

Quick Tutorials: Awesome Picture Slideshow Presentation in After Effects

In our second quick tutorial we will be using Adobe After Effects to create an Awesome Picture Slideshow Presentation. We will be looking into animating slides and adding a cool effect to our pictures. Please feel free to request a tutorial!

Create a background and a title. Then create a Null object and parent the previous layers to the null object. With the Null object selected, hit ‘P’ on your keyboard to bring up Position and click the stop watch. Move forward in time and animate parented elements to go off screen. Add your starting picture and duplicate it. Put the duplicated picture underneath your title layer. Cut your duplicated picture layer to the last keyframes on the Null Object. Duplicate your title layer. Set your duplicated picture to Alpha Matte (If the TrkMat options are not available, click “Toggle Switches”). Click on the Text Layer Above and hit ’T’ on your keyboard to bring up the Opacity. Animate the Text Layer to Fade Out before the Slide Up animation ends.

Click on your original picture and go to effect – Distort – Optics Compensation. In the Effects Control Panel, click a check into the box next to “Reverse Lens Distortion” Then click the crosshair under the “View Center” parameter and click when you want to center of your animation to be. In my case, I will move the crosshair to the couple in the photo. Then click the stopwatch for the “Field of View” parameter and move forward in time. Then increase the value to your liking. Finally, go to effect – Time – CC Force Motion Blur. This will add motion blur to your animation. You might want to increase or decrease the shutter angle for best results. Hit ’S’ on your keyboard to adjust the Scale.

Add another image and position it just outside of your current image. Create a null object and parent the two photos to the new null object. Add a position keyframe and the null object and animate the next picture into frame.

Repeat the steps we have previously done to create an interesting slideshow presentation. Be sure to enabled motion blur and to save your project!

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