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Superman Man Of Steel Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorial

Superman Man Of Steel Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll recreate the cool looking Superman Man of Steel teaser movie poster using some cool professional techniques.

You’ll also learn how to create the Superman “S” using the pen tool, and use textures to make it more realistic. This is going to be a fun and interesting tutorial, I hope you enjoy it!

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In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To:
02:03 – Add guides using percentages.
02:34 – “Place” images into your composition.
04:13 – Use channels to make a selection.
05:18 – Create a vignette using the clouds filter.
07:10 – Create a highlight using the “blend if” options.
09:50 – Use the pen tool to create the Superman logo.
14:30 – Add layer styles to add a bevel & emboss, and textures.
17:18 – Duplicate layer styles using alt (command) + drag.
20:38 – Add textures to the image.
22:50 – Make the logo look 3D.
24:34 – Add gradient overlays to add color & highlights.
30:50 – Paint with black and white to create highlights and shadows.
35:55 – Create a shadow for the entire logo.
38:20 – Create the Man of Steel text.
40:55 – Use a lens flare to create text highlights.

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Man Of Steel Movie Poster Tutorial


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