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Lighting Effects | Photoshop Tutorial | Manipulation

Lighting Effects | Photoshop Tutorial | Manipulation

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Get your sneakers out we doing some dancing in this photoshop tutorial and also with some lighting because lighting always makes everything look good, go ask j j abrams if you don’t believe me 😀

This is fun, original and healthy tutorial completely made using photoshop. No artificial plugins or brushes were added.

I mean jokes aside , seriously no one uses defualt things in photoshop properly, there are just so many good shapes and good brushes that you can use. I have done a video like this in past and people did not like it very much so i am giving it one more shot.

the video is in sort of three parts , first part of of video is cutting out subject , creating basic background and creating fake shadows second part is were we put the shapes and blend them and in the third part which is most one we create lights and glows and stuff.

so, i hope you learn some s#it and do some work, if you stuck somewhere first use pause button and rewind, if you still cant understand then use comments and ask me, but do some work and also have some fun 😉


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