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Smoke Head Effect | Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Smoke Head Effect | Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

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this is Headless effect mixed with smoke effect and boy this worked out good, i got inspiration from a photo i saw somewere but i don’t remember but if you know tell me, i will link it in my description 🙂

In this effect actual part where we make him headless is very short and not that tough but working on background, adding in the smoke effect and creating the background was very important because that is what makes it work so good.

For background i will use gradient, round brush, sparkles and smoke brushes , i know that a lot of stuff but it also very cool so worth it.

i have also used a little bit of pen tool for effect but its so simple anyone can do it so no biggie. I have to say the smoke brushes are damn good.

plus i have added special couple of minutes where i will show what you can adjust after your effect is done, to give it finally touch ups. i hope that helps you.

and for the adjustment layers just one single selective colors and curves for brightness, that is it so i really hope you find this tutorial helpful and if you have any questions ask me in comments 🙂


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