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Rain Effect | Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorial

Rain Effect | Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorial

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Let’s get wet in this rain effect tutorial (that totally didn’t sound weird) so its pretty simple manipulation, i mean its long but not very complicated.

For the rain i am using brush. yes i know you can create rain using noise and motion blur but that just does not look very good. While brush saves time and looks much better effect.

I will use that noise and blur this though, but i will use that to provide some texture and atmosphere. That way we also don’t need to use any background image.

wut ? wut ? no background image ? wtf ? well surprise, surprise. If you use black and white gradient and some curves, you can make decent background and it actually goes pretty nice with this phtooshop effect.

For adjustments i will use shadows and highlights plus some color balance and to make her wet ( sounds so wrong) i mean to make effect look better we will add a filter, and to find out that filter watch the damn video.

If your ass is stuck somewhere while practicing, use the comment section, its not for fookin showoff… and yeah take care ^_^


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