Home Graphic Photoshop ADVANCED: Change Background Colors & Change the Color of ANYTHING in Photoshop with LAB Color Trick

ADVANCED: Change Background Colors & Change the Color of ANYTHING in Photoshop with LAB Color Trick

ADVANCED: Change Background Colors & Change the Color of ANYTHING in Photoshop with LAB Color Trick

USE LAB AND RGB COLOR AT THE SAME TIME! | Learn the quick and dirty way to change color and look at the more flexible and advanced way to change and create color in Photoshop as well! | We will cover adjustment layers, reading data, Curves, how LAB works, and so much more!

01:27 Get right to the tutorial (skip the intro banter)
02:07 Creating and refining a selection
04:48 The “basic” background color change
07:28 The full Photoshop Retouching Course link
07:49 Tweaking the “basic” color change and trying different blend modes
09:25 Correcting a color fringe/reflection with masks and Hue/Saturation
11:15 The ADVANCED technique starts here (explanation of LAB color)
13:17 Gathering data and displaying in our Info panel
14:54 Adding the first Adjustment Layer
15:17 Building and matching the yellow color
18:26 Masking the effect into just the background
19:06 Building and matching the red color (more difficult!)
21:38 Examining some issues with the red color and tweaking the Curve
22:31 Splitting the color in the background. (Half red, half yellow!)
24:01 Checking the color and tweaking the red a little more
24:52 Explanation of why we worked in RGB and not LAB
25:57 Wrapping it up!

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In this Photoshop CC tutorial, we’ll use the LAB readouts in the Info panel to sample a color swatch and use those numbers to guide our RGB Curves Adjustment Layer to get a perfect background color. We’ll have some fun with a simple colorization technique and then take a deeper dive into the advanced stuff and how to make the background any color you would ever want. This technique works with ANY object you would ever want to colorize in Photoshop.

Stock I used: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-blonde-young-woman-floral-spring-summer-dress-girl-posing-pink-background-outfit-stylish-wavy-hairstyle-image90343848

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