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How to create a DOUBLE EXPOSURE Video Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro! (CC 2017 Tutorial)

Get the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro: Watch how to do this in Photoshop: In this tutorial I will show you a simple method to create a double exposure style video effect in adobe premiere pro cc 2017! -------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE on Youtube for new videos! - FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Instagram: - Twitter: - Facebook: - Snapchat: VISIT MY WEBSITE - ----- (F.A.Q.) Frequently Asked Questions ----- Where to get Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop etc. ? ➜ Get the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud: What do you use to record & edit your computer screen? ➜ Get ScreenFlow for Mac: All of the Tech & Camera Gear I Use: ➜ Thanks for watching! (Affiliates: Telestream, Adobe, Amazon)

After Effects Tutorial: Neon Glow 80’s Title Motion Graphics

Let's go back to the 80s in this After Effects Tutorial! Learn how to create a neon glow title effect for your project. The effect is extremely easy to create and allows you to showcase your work in style. The neon glow effect works well with anything that you can get the outline of. Shape layers, vector files and text layers will all easily work with this tutorial. Learn in a matter of minutes how easy it is to create the Neon Glow Title effect in our After Effects Motion Graphics Tutorial! Music From PremiumBeat: Social Media: Drop a like on Facebook: Hit me up on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Connect with me on Linkedin: Support us on Patreon: Suggested After Effects Tutorials: Animated Icons: Word Morph: Typography Titles: 3D Light Text Stroke Effect: Illustrator to After Effects Vectos: Clean Lower Thirds:

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Tutorial | Getting Ready For Primetime

Want all of our free Adobe training videos? Visit our Learning Library, which features all of our training courses and tutorials at More details on this Adobe Premiere Elements 12 training can be seen at This clip is one example from the complete course. For more free Adobe tutorials please visit our main website. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Fix Camera Portrait Distortions Like Big Noses in Photoshop!

Learn how to correct portrait distortions caused either by weird camera angles, poses, or lens distortions in Photoshop! In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Pucker Tool and the Bloat Tool in Liquify to quickly make the portrait look look natural and proportional. I hope this tutorial helps, thank you for watching! ► MODEL: Erica Paige Staub @ericastaaub ► DOWNLOADS: 1. Sample Images: 2. Finished PSD: (Only for our Patreon Family) ► HELP US CREATE MORE FREE VIDEOS: Support us at Patreon: ► SHARE: ►LET'S CONNECT: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+:

The Best Way to Watermark Your Images in Photoshop

Our #1 PRO Tutorial ever is now on Sale! The Best Way to Watermark Your Images in Photoshop With the rise of blogging and media sharing websites like Pinterest and Tumblr, it has become more and more important to protect your images. In this episode, we show you an easy way to watermark for photos! How to Make a Custom Brush of Your Logo First, place a black version of your logo onto a white background. This logo can be something professionally made, or your signature created using a tablet. Make sure your image size is relatively large, so you can scale it down rather than up and get the best image results. Five hundred to a thousand pixels large works great. Then, go to 'Edit - Define Brush Preset' and name your brush. Your brush tool will now be in the shape of your logo. Go to your Preset Manager to adjust the order of your brushes and bring this custom brush up to the top of the list. How to Adjust Your Brush to Add a Watermark Use the brush tool to paint the logo onto your image. If you create a new layer first, you can transform the size and blending mode of the watermark after the fact. Overlay is a great mode for keeping it subtle. Then, select a major color from your image and set the watermark to that color in order to further blend it with the image. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- VISIT PHLEARN.COM FOR MORE FREE TUTORIALS SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE FREE TIPS AND TRICKS GET FREE TUTORIALS IN YOUR EMAIL + DISCOUNTS ON OUR PRO TUTORIALS! BUY THE TABLET AARON USES! LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Google+ ► Phlearn ►


HOW TO Green Screen (Chromakey) Premiere Pro CC

GREEN SCREEN BACKGROUNDS AND SIGNS/SCREENS! | Learn to knock out entire backgrounds or smaller areas of green screen like screens or signs to create a perfect custom chromakey knockout. ? Buy the Photoshop Course and Support the Channel → ? My Instagram: ? Subscribe for Daily Tutorials → – In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we’ll learn all about Chroma Keying and using Ultra Key to knock out and clean up the edges of a green screen background. If you need to work with a green screen, you’ll love this tutorial! ⚡️ written tutorial here: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT: tutvid is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating the best Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Illustrator tutorials. My goal is to create the best, most informative, and entertaining tutorials on the web. If you enjoy my videos, the best way to support what I do here is to purchase my course linked above or simply subscribe to the YouTube channel by pressing the red button. ✉️ business inquiries: –

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After Effects 3D Logo Mosaic Tutorial

In this After Effect tutorial we show you how to create a dynamic 3D mosaic effect - make your logos and text more engaging! For more After Effects tutorials visit See the corresponding blog post and video transcription here: Royalty Free Music by

How to Use the Slice Tool in Photoshop CC

Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check out the brand new website for more tutorials and articles! INSTAGRAM & MORE: DESCRIPTION: I can't remember the last time I used the Slice tools in Photoshop for a real web design project, but there is really no denying that the Slice tool is pretty impressive; you just need to find a way to make it work in your web workflow and see if it even makes sense to begin using. Use the Slice tool to chop up a web design, UI, or other graphical application and export individual images in no time flat!

How to Create a Logo in Illustrator CC (6/6) | Adobe Creative Cloud

In this six-part tutorial, we'll show you how to create a logo in Adobe Illustrator CC. We'll introduce you to key features on the program and you'll learn how to deconstruct a reference image into simple shapes. Subscribe: LET’S CONNECT Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world's best creative apps so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices.

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Turn DAY to NIGHT in 2 MINUTES with Photoshop!

Super Easy and Effective Technique to Turn Day to Night in Just 2 Minutes with Photoshop! Using just a couple adjustment layers to turn your bright daylight image to moonlit night in Photoshop. You can add some extra lights, or replace the sky with a starry one if required. This tutorial helps you with a good starting point for a day to night conversion. Hope this video helps. Thank you for watching 🙂 ► DOWNLOADS: 1. Sample Image: 2. Finished PSD: (Only for our Patreon Family) ► HELP US CREATE MORE FREE VIDEOS: Support us at Patreon: ► SHARE: ► LET'S CONNECT: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+:

How to Use Color Range in Photoshop CC

Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Pick up my image retouching tutorial package ($27) right here: Find the written tutorial here: In this Photoshop CC tutorial we’ll take a look at the power of the Color Range tool in Photoshop. We will look at selecting entire swatches of color, specific tones, how to refine a color range selection, how to make a difficult selection and use it as a mask for an Adjustment Layer, and much more! If you use Photoshop and you ever create selections, this tutorial might be just for you. VIDEO GUIDE: 0:27 Basics of Color Range 1:54 Selecting tones with Color Range 2:42 Skin Tones and Out of Gamut with Color Range 3:55 Custom Color Range selections 5:38 First smoke color change 7:05 Creating a much better Color Range selection 9:21 Outro SNAPCHAT & MORE: ?

Generate Silence – Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial | Generate Silence - Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial Blogpost:

Gold Text Effect: Photoshop Tutorial In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a gold text effect in Photoshop. Website: Google+: Facebook: Audio Provided By:

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#PSin30 – Secrets of the Navigator Panel! (Photoshop)

Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check out my site for more tutorials INSTAGRAM & MORE: DESCRIPTION: Have you ever used the Navigator panel? There are some amazing uses for this panel especially if you do a lot of full screen editing or do any kind of detail work. The navigator panel allows you to always see your entire document and control where you're working and exactly how much you see. Check out this quick tip and start using it today!

Tip 005 – Hide Properties in After Effects

Tip Of The Day 005 - Hide Properties For more Daily Tips visit LINKS: Get Adobe After Effects and CC:!3085!10!13362180955!20541711544&ef_id=V13CaAAABYQcu4O2:20161105023903:s) Get Adobe CC Trial: Get Adobe CC Student: Find The Perfect Asset For Your Next Creative Project:!3085!3!147228884620!e!!g!!adobe%20stock&ef_id=V15JXwAAAV06S8xU:20161105024353:s) LET’S CONNECT: Facebook: Sergei's Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Linkedin: YouTube: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 621 Huntersville, NC 28070 *** MUSIC BY: VLAD SOLOKHA. Vlad is a family friend who is a very talented musician. You can reach out to him by going to his facebook at

How to make a vintage photo

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: For more tutorials and how to videos check out our extensive Photoshop and photography video channel: We cover everything from Photoshop tutorials, photography tutorials, how to videos and more!

Transparent Text Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

In this simple quick Photoshop Tutorial, I will show you how to create a transparent text effect. Donate to PhotoshopTutorials Download the L.A image I used Download the font I used Thank for checking out my tutorials. If you enjoy my content, I'd love to have you subscribe for future tutorials, don't don't forget to turn on notifications! Have a great day! Social Media Accountsꜜ Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Audio Provided Byꜜ