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After Effects: The Ultimate Organization Guide

After Effects: The Ultimate Organization Guide

The number one idea that should be on your mind when it comes to starting a successful project, is organization. I can’t recall how many times I’ve reopened old After Effects project files and had to deal with the headache of offline media and horrible naming consistencies. Unorganized project files can be extremely devastating to you and your organization, especially when you have limited time. This is why I’ve created this video, After Effects: The Ultimate Organization Guide.

In this video tutorial guide, I will talk about how to correctly start a project with proper organization techniques and naming consistencies. I will dive further into After Effects and talk about when you create “pre-compose” and how you should color label specific elements. Then, we will briefly talk about how we can use After Effects to change the naming labels and colors to create our own custom tags.

After watching our Organization Guide for After Effects, you will be think differently about organization and how to correctly set a project up. Keep in mind that organization is extremely important and even though you might be the only one working on the project, you never know how your future self will react to an unorganized project.

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