BEST: Create Vector Low Poly Effect with Photoshop CC!


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Written tutorial and downloadable files are HERE:

00:48 Getting Started
01:31 Showing the Grid
01:47 Preparing the Pen Tool
03:04 Start making shapes
05:06 Speed up! (Eyebrow + Forehead)
05:18 Shape creation tips
07:20 Highlights & Shadows
08:05 Speed up! (The Nose)
08:17 Checking out the progress
08:55 Speed up! (Above the eye)
09:01 Drawing the eye
17:44 Speed up! (Draw the second eye)
18:15 Examine all the progress
19:00 Speed up! (Lips)
19:15 Check out the progress
19:36 Speed up! (Hair + Rest of image)
20:26 Start the coloring process
22:58 Speed up! (Color forehead)
23:03 Bad lines!
23:38 Speed up! (Colorize everything)
24:56 Fixing errors and bad lines
27:29 Working with the Smart Object
32:03 Scaling the illustration
32:41 Creating the background
37:29 Streaky lighting effect
39:56 Blending and final color effects


In this tutorial we’ll take a look at the very popular low poly effect. We’re going to create this effect using ONLY Photoshop and it will be a path-based illustration as well. Later in the tutorial we’re going to add a background behind our illustration and you can download the image by grabbing it from the written tutorial via the link above.



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