Character Animator Live – Episode 2: Walking Seth & Shmarflop


Live from Seattle! In our second episode we meet the rest of the team, go over two walk cycle options, learn how to quickly turn a drawing into a puppet, and get a few quick tips about parallax head turns, cycle layers eyebrows, and mouse-controlled eyes. Special thanks to Lynne Mitchell for the businesswoman puppet.

0:00 Intro

1:43 Walk Cycle Option 1 – Cycle Layers
6:18 Walk Cycle Option 2 – Sticks & Draggables
16:32 Dave S on Character Animator history & future

20:22 Turning a sketch into a puppet
31:02 Meet the team

32:26 Parallax effects with head turns
37:28 Cycle layers eyebrows
40:55 Mouse controlled eyes
46:12 Chat questions – Wiggler and Export

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