Countdown Timer After Effects | EASY TUTORIAL


Hey, it’s Lendon again from Visionary Universe. Check out these techniques and tips below!

You can also put the expression directly in the source text parameter instead of slider.

Want to display frames in your countdown? Create another text layer and use this expression:
24 – (Math.floor(time*24) – Math.floor(time)*24)

(This expression assumes your frame rate is 24, if not, replace all 24’s with your desired framerate)

Want to display minutes? Create another text layer and use this expression:
3 – Math.floor(time/60)
(Assuming you are counting down from 3 minutes)

Want your countdown to display a DECIMAL? Use this expression:
30 – Math.floor(time*10)/10
Then watch this quick video to fix issues:

Be sure to comment below if there are any additional feature you would like to have!!! I should respond in a decent time.

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