Home Graphic Photoshop Create a Tshirt Mockup Composite Design in Photoshop CC (Free PSD Download!)

Create a Tshirt Mockup Composite Design in Photoshop CC (Free PSD Download!)

Create a Tshirt Mockup Composite Design in Photoshop CC (Free PSD Download!)

T-SHIRT DESIGN MOCKUP TUTORIAL | Learn to mockup a t-shirt design in Photoshop | Free PSD download below!

00:31 Getting started
01:17 Mockup with a flat t-shirt PSD
02:39 Adding the displacement map
04:06 Change the shirt color
05:08 Coloring the graphics on the shirt
06:10 Selection of the shirt on the model
07:20 Creating a new displacement map .PSD
08:34 Photo Filter to change shirt color
10:17 Adding the graphics to the shirt
10:54 Additional masking for the graphics
14:00 Applying our displacement filter
15:09 Blending and coloring the graphics

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll cover how to create a t-shirt mockup with the PSD download located in this video description. We’ll very quickly create a mockup with a flat t-shirt, but then we’ll use a photo of a model wearing a tshirt and create a tshirt design mockup with a real person involved. You’ll see how I like to use layers, masks, adjustment layers, and blend modes to get a realistic mockup created very quickly!

⚡️ download tshirt PSD: http://graphicburger.com/t-shirt-mockup-psd/
⚡️ written Photoshop tutorial here: http://bit.ly/2lO7pod

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