Create Flowing Color Waves Animation Effect in Photoshop – Vector Shape Download Included Here


SUCH AN EASY & COOL EFFECT!! | Create Multiple Colored Vector Waves and Animate Them | We will cover creating shapes within guides, blending multiple colored shape layers, and animating, exporting, and setting up a colored transition on Behance

Download colored waves here:

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll create a super cool colored wave animation. Check out the download link here to grab the free PSD full of colored waves pre-made for you to use. You’ll learn how to create multiple waves shapes and use the Timeline panel to animate vector masks to create a beautiful flowing effect. About the only thing I don’t cover is how to properly line these shapes up to achieve a seamless loop (I forgot to cover it in the heat of recording this video, my mistake!)

⚡️ download and written tutorial here:


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