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Create Multi-Layered Grain/Noise in Photoshop CC

Create Multi-Layered Grain/Noise in Photoshop CC

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In this tutorial I’ll cover my current favorite way to create grain for my photographs. Many retouchers will create layers of grain to sit up on top of all of their layers as a sort of finishing layer that helps blend all the colors together below the grain and create a smoother, more finished look. We will create the multi-layered grain and create an action so when we want grain, we just click and we’ve got it! The image I used in this image: https://unsplash.com/photos/mgAioVzKcjQ

Download the action right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/79qh9qkj3ywbsfx/tutvid-grain-action.atn?dl=0

See written tutorial on site: http://tutvid.com/photoshop-tutorials/create-multi-layered-grain-and-noise-in-photoshop-cc/

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