How to Change Hair Color (Blonde to other colors) Photoshop Tutorial


CONVERT BLONDE HAIR TO ANY OTHER COLOR! | This tutorial will cover everything from creating a complex selection to building proper stacks of Adjustment Layers to create all sorts of color and lightness hair color changes.

00:52 Getting started and checking out examples
01:55 Using Quick Select to start the hair selection
04:44 Using Select and Mask to refine the selection
07:19 Blue hair to help refine our mask more
08:46 Using the Brush Tool to refine the hair mask even more
10:11 I’ve made a great mistake.
18:10 Blonde to gray/silver hair
19:45 Blonde to black hair
22:13 Blonde to red/auburn hair
28:17 Blonde to brunette hair

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll talk about creating a complex hair selection with Select and Mask and also tweaking and adjusting that mask with the Brush tool. Together, we’ll talk about converting light or blonde hair to gray or silver hair, we’ll make the switch from blonde hair to red or auburn hair, we’ll make the switch from blonde to brunette, and of course, we’ll be tweaking a Curves Adjustment Layer to create more extreme purples, blues, or greens for hair color as well. I hope you love it and enjoy it!

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