How to Create a Composite in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud


Learn how to combine two images to create a Composite image in Adobe Photoshop CC. See steps below.

Prep your project:
1. Download practice files ( Or, use your own!
2. Open Cup.jpg in Photoshop.
3. Duplicate cup layer.

Create a mask:
1. Enter Select and Mask mode: Choose Select — Select and Mask (This is a new feature in Photoshop, make sure to update to the latest version!). In Properties panel that appears, choose View — On Black. In the mini tool palette at left, choose the Quick Selection Tool brush and adjust brush size and hardness from the top palette.
2. Paint inside cup and click OK to add a Layer Mask, indicated by a white hole where you painted, to the cup layer.
3. Open Ocean.jpg. To add it to cup document, Select All, Copy, make Cup doc active, and Paste.
4. Clip the ocean layer to the mask on the layer below. Create Clipping Mask: Layer — Create Clipping Mask or Cmd/Ctrl + Option + G.
5. Drag ocean image so it fills the cup. Or Cmd/Ctrl + T to scale.
6. Add adjustment layer. Click “Add a new fill or adjustment layer” icon at bottom of Layers palette, then choose Gradient.
7. Choose Foreground to Transparent gradient swatch, OK.
8. Create Clipping Mask: Layer — Create Clipping Mask or Cmd/Ctrl + Option + G.

That’s it!



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