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How to Make a Resume That’s More You with Adobe Spark | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Make a Resume That’s More You with Adobe Spark | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to quickly create an online resume with the built-in layouts, styles, photos, and fonts with Adobe Spark. Share your resume with prospects who can view your resume on any size screen.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [http://learndownload.adobe.com/pub/learn/mobile-apps/make-a-resume.zip] for a head start. Steps below.

Create an Adobe Spark Page

1. Open Adobe Spark in a desktop web browser (https://spark.adobe.com/) and login with your Adobe ID.
2. Click the + icon at the top, then choose Page.

Add Header Image and Text

1. Add the header image: Click the + icon below the “Add a Subtitle” text. Click Photo, then Upload Photo. Browse the files you downloaded for this tutorial and select portrait.jpg (or use your own).
2. Add a title: Click “Add a Title” and replace it with your own title. Click “Add a Subtitle” and replace it with your own subtitle.
3. Choose a theme: Click Themes from the top right, then choose a theme you like.

NOTE: This video shows the difference between two different themes – “LUCA” and “CRISP”.

4. Add a description: Click the + icon under the header image. Choose Text and type a description, or copy and paste the description text in the sample provided (“Business management…changing perceptions”). Select the description text and click H2 to reformat. Then, click the Center Align icon.
5. Add a window image: Click the + icon under the description text. Choose Photo, then click Find free photos. Type a search term (such as ‘succulent’), then press Return or Enter. Click the photo you like, then choose window. Scroll up and down to view the window image functionality.

Add Resume Details

1. Add Education and Work Experience (not shown in video):
a. Education: Add your own education history or copy from the sample provided – copy from “Education” down to “Business Management”. Click the + icon under the window image and select Text, then paste the text you copied, or type your own. Select the word “Education” and choose H1 to reformat the text.
b. Work Experience: Copy the text from “Work Experience” to “…previous fundraising drive.” Click the + icon under the Education text, select Text, then paste the copied text. Reformat “Work Education” as H1, “Earth Day Ambassador, Terra Quota” as H2, “2016 to Present” as B (Bold). Format the text for the Intern position in a similar way.
2. Make a bulleted list (not shown in video): Click the + icon under the Work Experience section, select Text, select H1, add the word “Skills”. Copy the skills text from the sample provided, click the + icon, select Text, click the bulleted list icon, and paste under the Skills heading. Repeat for the Interests section.
3. Add contact section (not shown in video): Click the + icon under the Interests section, select Text, type “Contacts”, format as H1. Add text, “jensen@greentowncollege.edu”, below Contacts.
4. Add a link: Select the email address you just added, choose the link icon, type “mailto:jensen@greentowncollege.edu” into the field (or copy it from the sample), click Save.
5. Add a button: Click the + icon under the email link, select button. Type “Connect on LinkedIn” in the first field, and “http://www.linkedin.com/venusjensen” in the next field. Click Save.

Preview and share

1. Preview (not shown in video): Click Preview at the top and scroll through the sections of your resume. Click the X in the top right to close Preview.
2. Share: Click Share at the top, select Business as the Category, update the Author Name. Click Create link, then copy the link or choose from one of the sharing options.

That’s it!

To learn, more visit our Adobe Spark page (https://spark.adobe.com/).

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