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How To Make Images Look Old In Photoshop – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

How To Make Images Look Old In Photoshop – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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Making Your Image look old in Photoshop

Learn how to take details from an old photo, and apply them to a new photo to make your image look old in Photoshop.Also included is a Photoshop file of the border we use in this tutorial!

This is the Third and final episode with Mom Nace. We had such a good time visiting, and everyone seems to really like Mom. If you missed Part 1 – How to Repair an Old Photo, and Part 2 – How to Repair an old Photo, be sure to check them out!

What You Will Learn

0:30 – Intro to Part 3, and Showing results of Part. 1 & 2
1:20 – Nudity Warning
1:50 – How to use channels to cut out details
3:00 – Making a selection from channels
4:00 – Copying the border from one image to another
4:17 – Changing the mode from grayscale to RGB
6:00 – Coloring the photo to match the frame
6:50 – Separating the border from the photo
7:40 – Changing blending modes to integrate texture
8:30 – Adding Noise to the photo to make it look older
9:20 – Using a gradient map to match colors
10:00 – Using this border on any image.Challenge!
How to apply this to your images

We have even included the Photoshop File, so you can add the exact border from this episode. Just click and drag it over your photo and you are done.

Now it is time to make your image look old in photoshop. I recommend using a photo that has a bit more of a classic feel to it, so the effect doesn’t look out of place. If you choose an image that is really busy, and has a lot of lights flashing everywhere, it may look odd. Boobs are always a plus, as long as they are tastefully incorporated. Don’t stick this effect on porn and expect to hang it in the Louvre. .

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