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How to Make Youtube Thumbnails in Photoshop

How to Make Youtube Thumbnails in Photoshop

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Best way to make thumbnails for youtube ? use photoshop !!! i mean really with photoshop it saves time and gives you a lot of freedom to be creative which is awesome.

This is really basic tutorial, i mean it. i have focused only on beginners so to the people who have basic knowledge of photoshop might not find this very interesting.

i used a paper texture for the video but i have also shown trick for people who wants to use simple color background, and also this time i showed live how to find textures on internet , so i hope that helps.

And the fonts, i would say use the fonts that are big and bold, that way it is easier to read them, and please don’t use cursive fonts.

Plus watch till the end because i have shown different style of thumbnails using different fonts and backgrounds so that might help too.

so thats it and if you have any questions or suggestions, put them in comments below 😉


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