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How to Retouch a Landscape Photo | Photoshop CC

How to Retouch a Landscape Photo | Photoshop CC

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Today we’re going to tackle retouching a landscape photo from soup-to-nuts. We’ll begin with a RAW image (which you can download and follow along with right here in the tutorial article) and walk through a process that will work for both your RAW images and any JPEG image that you may have as well. I tackle color and tone in the Camera RAW editor as well as exposure adjustments, my thought process behind adjusting color temperature, and even sharpening and lens correction. We spend a little time in Photoshop as well working on the sharpness and color of the photo as well. If you’ve been wondering how to retouch a landscape photo, this is the tutorial to get your started now! All the info and video after the jump!