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HOW TO RETOUCH: Pt. 4 Retouch Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows – Photoshop Tutorial

HOW TO RETOUCH: Pt. 4 Retouch Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows – Photoshop Tutorial

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We’re up to part 4 of this 12-part series! Today we’ll talk about all those important facial details, how to retouch eyes professionally, how to clean up a pair of lips, and how to trim the eyebrows to get a perfect line and cover any stray hair. We’ll tag-team off of the frequency separation that we created in part 3 to get rid of veins in the eyes and talk about working with our layers to trim the edges of the eyebrows.

01:06 Retouching Lips
02:10 Add Gloss to the Lips
04:39 Begin Retouching the Eyes
05:51 Brighten and Darken Eyes
06:47 Painting the Eyes
08:26 Brighten the Eyes
09:54 Neutralize Color in the Eyes
11:00 Building Catchlights
16:42 Trimming the Eyebrows

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