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HOW TO RETOUCH Pt. 7: Moody Contrast and Tone Adjustments – Photoshop Tutorial

HOW TO RETOUCH Pt. 7: Moody Contrast and Tone Adjustments – Photoshop Tutorial

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Let’s talk about getting the tone and contrast of the overall photo just perfect in this part 7 of our 12-part retouching series! I’ll cover Adjustment Layers, Curves, Levels, reducing contrast, Black and White Multiplied layers, and more! If you want smooth and beautiful and moody cinematic tones in your images, you’re going to love this tutorial!

0:44 Add Contrast with Curves
01:15 Midtone Punch with High Pass
02:06 Reduce Contrast with Levels
02:31 Channel Mixer to Dramatize the Tones
04:00 Selective Contrast with Curves
05:32 Reduce Contrast and Multiply Merged Layer

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