Making Your First Cartoon (Adobe Character Animator and After Effects Tutorial)


Note: This is an older tutorial and many features have changed as Character Animator is still in Beta. A more comprehensive and updated tutorial can be found here:

This is a video version of the sold-out session at Adobe MAX 2015 in Los Angeles. Learn the basics of setting up a character in Photoshop, tweaking its properties in Character Animator, recording and exporting, and finally adding finishing touches in After Effects. Want to do it yourself? Download the free worksheet, puppets, artwork, and audio files:

Tutorial Sections:
0:00 – Intro
2:05 – Getting Started
2:45 – New Puppet In Photoshop
5:51 – Calibrating Your Character
7:16 – Editing Puppet Properties
8:26 – Recording A Performance
9:45 – Arming Properties For Record
11:14 – Managing Takes
12:11 – Exporting A Scene
13:33 – Importing A Scene Into After Effects
14:18 – Basic After Effects Keyframing
15:57 – Character Monologue Example
17:12 – Importing A PSD Puppet
19:36 – Using Pre-recorded Audio
21:43 – Keyboard Triggers
23:42 – Setting Up Your Scene In After Effects
28:39 – Shot Variety
31:50 – Adding Color & Music

Download a free trial of Adobe After Effects & Character Animator here:


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