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Mirror Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects

Mirror Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects

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In this tutorial we will create something trippy 😀 this is very simple but yet very effective trick. i will show you how you can create

multiple copies of image and get this look.

This photoshop effect is not very popular (i don’t know why) but i think its awesome. I would highly recommend to use image with darker

background because it works best that way.

you can do this effect with white background but it doesn’t work very well. steps are few and quick but can get little confusing so watch

closely and pause or rewind as many time as you need.

Mani tools that i will be using for this effect are selection and movie tool and after that some gradients to finish it. Do not ignore the

gradients part that is very important to give it final look.

i have also show secondary options for people who does not have photoshop cs6 or cc


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