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Paint Splash Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Paint Dress

Paint Splash Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Paint Dress

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in this photoshop effects tutorial i will show you how you can transform a regular photo in to paint splash effect using some stock images and a pant splash png.

Beginners in photoshop might have some trouble with this video but i have done my best to keep things simple mean while making sure that tutorials dosent get boring.

the stocks i have use are a model in beautiful dress plus a good quality png file of paint splash so while making the effect you dont need to cut out the splash.

And if you don’t know how to remove background from model then i have included that in video and if you know how to do that then you can feel free to skip that part.

i have also focused a lot on adjustment layers and how to match lighting so splash and dress look like they are one thing.

Also i have given some tips on how you can make background interesting without making it too distracting and use some hidden default photoshop brushes to decorate your image and make it look good.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂


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