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#phlearnmethod Photoshop Actions System

#phlearnmethod Photoshop Actions System

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Wardrobe provided by AKIRA: www.shopakira.com
Styled by: Kenneth Marks II
Hair & Makeup by: Tran B. Nguyen

You finished the shoot; uploaded the files…ever lost hours wondering what to do next?

It’s time to recapture those hours–the #phlearnmethod Photoshop actions are here. In a few clicks, edit your images professionally adding unique, themed-styles.

Layer on the perfect lighting for the nostalgic bride or revamp your portfolio with high fashion color. The #phlearnmethod’s 8 bundles allow you to apply frequently-asked-for themes to your photography.

Within each bundle, you’ll get a number of variations on the theme. For instance, in B&W you get charcoal, graphite, ash, inkwell, etc. so you can get the effect you want.

You can use just one action for your image, or layer on a stack of 20. The actions across the bundles work together so the potential combinations are endless. It’s simlar to the effects in Instagram, only much more advanced, and you can use multiple at one time.

As a gift we’ve included 5 FREE Phlearn Method Photoshop Actions in this email! Click the image below to download the sample actions and see how these can simplify your editing process.


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