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Photoshop Tutorial: HOW TO USE THE PEN TOOL

Photoshop Tutorial: HOW TO USE THE PEN TOOL

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0:00 Intro
1:37 Starting with The Pen Tool
1:57 The Freeform Pen Tool
3:00 The Pen Tool
4:57: Draw a path to cut out an object
6:47: Complex selection intro
8:23 Creating and editing paths that bend
10:10 Cutting out the Ferrari
13:27 Joining/Completing a path
14:05 Cutting out areas of Car
15:42 Cutting out the rest of the car parts
16:26 Adding and removing anchors to a completed path
17:34 Tweaking the path
18:12 Filling our path + Fill Layers
18:40 Colorize our car
19:29 Tweak the path once it’s filled
19:49 Creating a selection from the path
20:40 Convert Point Tool



The almighty and powerful pen tool is a tricky tool to figure out when using Photoshop and can be frustrating as well, but when you do conquer the pen tool you will have one of the more useful and powerful tools at your fingertips. In this tutorial we will start from the very basics of using the pen tool and advance through a number of the features of this amazing and powerful tool option in Photoshop. Sit tight and enjoy!