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Photoshop Tutorial | Text Portrait Poster Design

Photoshop Tutorial | Text Portrait Poster Design

In this photoshop poster design tutorial i will show you how to design a portrait made from text.

once you get the fonts down and remove the background, its really simple effect to follow. Beginners or pro, everyone can do it.

we will also see how to use displacement map to make text fit around
the face properly and give it more depth. it will start by creating lots of text layers, then grouping them together and using different copies of this group to fill the space on canvas.

after that all you have to do is blend the image with text and apply displacement filter and you are good to go.
very simple photo effect that can used for lot of things like posters, banners, or any promotional media.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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