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Portfolio Critique Of Philippe Monaco – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

Portfolio Critique Of Philippe Monaco – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

Check out the full post at: http://phlearn.com/portfolio-critique-philippe

First Ever Portfolio Critique

Philippe and I are proud to bring you the first ever Portfolio Critique on Phlearn. Philippe contacted me a couple of weeks ago with the same issue that many of us face. People around you tell you that you are doing great, but you know you can do better. You just don’t know how. The purpose of this critique is to help the Phamily learn to see what it takes to improve, and how to succeed in business and photography.

This Episode is over 1:00HR long and took me over 8 hours to make. I know it is asking a LOT to give an hour of your day to this. Don’t feel like you must. We cover 8 images in this Critique, a perfect way to break it up! Watch one or two today, and come back for more later.

What You Will Learn

1:00 – Intro with Philippe, and why this critique is important
5:00 – Ending conversation with Philippe, and beginning of critique
6:00 – Quick look through photos
7:00 – General thoughts on portfolio as a whole
8:00 – Business advice
17:00 – Image 1 – Skateboarder
21:00 – Image 2 – Self Portrait eating hand
28:00 – Image 3 – Tattoo Artist
35:00 – How to use lighting appropriately
38:00 – Image 4 – Man at loading dock
42:00 – Image 5 – Red Headed Female Portrait
45:00 – Image 6 – Band Detail Shoot
53:00 – Image 7 – Using Annie Leibovitz to help with composition
58:00 – Image 8 – Band Shoot in Blue
58:00 – Image 9 – Closing and questions
Your Critique

We need your help! A critique is best when it comes from many sources. Please post your ideas and comments on how to improve. Philippe has agreed to be around all weekend to answer questions and help out.

If you are someone who comes to Phlearn often, but doesn’t comment much, now is the perfect time to do so. This is a safe environment and everyone undersands our intentions are to help each other. .

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