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Quick Tutorials! Custom Glitch Distortion in After Effects

Quick Tutorials! Custom Glitch Distortion in After Effects

This is our first episode for Quick Tutorials! Learn how to create your very own custom distortion for video or for motion graphics.

With a blank composition called “Thin Distortion”, create a new solid. Then go to the rectangle tool or select the shape of your choice. With the shape mask selected, draw out a variety of THIN masks. This can be completely random. After you have drawn out several masks. Create a New composition called “Thick Distortion”. From here we will repeat the same things we did in the first comp, but this time we will make the mask larger.

After you are done creating your custom mask, let’s go to our footage comp. Drag in the two compositions we just created and hide them. Then let’s select our footage and go to effect, distort, displacement map. Set the Displacement Map layer to the “thin distortion” comp layer. Click the stop watches for Max Horizontal Displacement and Max Vertical Displacement and set their values to “0”=. Reselect the layer and hit “U” on your keyboard to bring up the keyframes. Move forward in time by one frame and increase the Horizontal displacement and vertical displacement. Move forward in time by a few frames and add a keyframe for both parameters. Finally move forward in time by one frame and set both parameters to 0.

Back in the Effects Controls panel, duplicate the Displacement Map. Set the Displacement Map Layer to the Thick Distortion comp layer. Then reselect the footage and bring up the keyframes from the duplicated effect. Select all of the keyframes for Displacement Map 2 and move them over to come on right after the keyframes on the Original Displacement Map.

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