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The Perfect Night – Black Magic Cinema Camera

The Perfect Night – Black Magic Cinema Camera

Shot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera in Raw 2.5K with the Canon EF 50mm 1.8mm.

My thoughts on the camera: This is one of my first projects with the BMCC and as a low budget filmmaker, I can tell you that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to use this camera. Though you will have to invest in a decent SSD that has a lot of storage and a few ND filters if you plan to shoot in direct daylight. I found it easy for me to edit my footage on an average computing set-up. I have an iMac with 12GB of RAM (all other specs came with the computer). If you plan to buy this camera, be prepared use a lot of hard drive space per project. For this two minute video, I used about 130GB of storage, which isn’t too bad. Perhaps the biggest downside of the BMCC is it’s internal battery life. This becomes a problem after sixty minutes the camera is on.

For post, I took a different approach by not using DaVinci Resolve. I loaded all the footage into After Effects and did all my color grading from there. Then I exported everything in ProRess 422 and finished editing in Premiere. It took 12 hours to render from after effects and about twenty minutes to render from Premiere.

Overall, for the quality that this camera shoots at, it’s worth every penny and every minute.

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