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The Power of the Camera RAW Filter Photoshop CC

The Power of the Camera RAW Filter Photoshop CC

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Among the Smart Filters you have at your disposal in Photoshop CC, you have the Camera RAW Filter. This filter allows you to edit any image or graphic in your PSD with the Camera RAW editor. Changing light, color, and tone all with a simple slider has never been easier! Also, if you’re just more comfortable using Lightroom or working in the Camera RAW editor, this is the way to bring those sliders into your PSD no matter what kind of image you’re working with.

0:32 Preparing for Smart Filters
0:47 Opening Camera RAW
1:09 Temperature and Tint
1:34 Adjusting the tone of the photo
3:17 Manual Lens Corrections
4:45 Camera Profiles
5:53 Graduated Filter Tool
7:52 Gritty Black and White Process
12:15 Outro


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